Alternative server for Aminoapps

What's the difference?

Fast as lightning

We use the latest and fastest technologies to keep the server running as quick as possible.

Open Source

This project is open source, and everybody can improve our servers. You can visit AltAmino organization to see code.

Rewritten from zero

We don't have the source code for Amino, so we write everything from scratch.

How to install?

Android tutorial

Standart method:

1. Download this app.

2. Just install as regular app.

Requirements: Android 6.0+, armeabi-v7a support (check this using Aida64 for Android).

iOS tutorial

TrollStore method:

1. Download this IPA file.

2. Install using TrollStore.

If enabled, you can tap on this link to install IPA.

Requirements: iOS 14.0 - 16.6.1, 16.7 RC (20H18), 17.0; TrollStore.

Sideload method:

1. Download this IPA file.

2. Install using Scarlet, Sideloadly or smth else you used to.

Requirements: varies.

Thanks @whoeevee for helping with IPA!